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The Hovawart is a rare breed in the U.K.
They are fairly large, hairy, working dogs originating from Germany.

This is a recreation of a very old breed, that was kept alive by Farmers in Germany,

the farmers asked Kurt Konig the Geneticist to help with the breeding lines
Konig who worked for the ZooTech Station did help, but eventually bred the farmers dogs to GSD's, Leonbergers and other breeds,

this was not liked by the Farmers who set up their own club at SZV,

Last update - 23/03/2009, contact for hovawarts or web errors Mrs Min Inches

Welcome to my Hovawart Pages.

You will find Pictures of my Hovawarts. The Kennel Club Standard - Hovawart standard.
Hovawart Hip scores of dogs in Great Britain. A copy of the Hovawart Club of GB
Character test.
Scots Hovawart pictures and information from owners.
and an other page with
general hovawart pictures old and new.

My Inches family section has moved to their own page.


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Data base - HELP missing dogs

KC Standard for the hovawart - as used in the UK
Character Test used by the Hovawart Club of GB
Hovawart hip tests. All known hip score of dogs/bitches in the UK
My Hovawart Photos & Friends....
Other hovawarts old and new...
Scots Hovawarts...Past and present
Inches Family....My Human Family
Bill Inches My long suffering husband
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